your Washington DC child care center offers spring activities

Your Washington DC Child Care Center Offers Spring Activities

Spending quality time with your children is all about creating memories that you will cherish forever. Spring is the perfect season to indulge in a few activities that you and your children will enjoy. Flowers are beginning to bloom, the sun feels warmer, the birds are returning and it stays lighter longer too, so leave those thoughts of cold and snow behind.

The Britleys for Toddlers, your Washington DC child care center, offer these wonderful activities you can do with your children this spring.

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Nature Scavenger Hunt

Spring is an awesome time to enjoy the glories of nature. Flowers are blooming, trees are getting leafy and green again and everything smells fresh. Nature walks are more interesting for kids if there are activities involved. So invite them on a nature scavenger hunt.

Your scavenger hunt can be as simple or elaborate as you wish. When planning your scavenger hunt, consider who will be there, the location and about how long it will last. Choose items for your scavenger hunt that your children are most likely to find, but with a little bit of a challenge. Some things you can have them find include a spider web, wildflowers and a bird’s feather.

Plant A Garden

Planting a garden is a great way to teach your kids about the responsibility of taking care of plants. Gardens are wonderful for a variety of reasons. They supply healthy food, allow you and your kids to get outside on a regular basis and you get to play in the dirt.

There are several factors to consider when planning your garden including what you will want to grow, how to schedule in gardening activities and what you will have the children do to help maintain it.

Go On A Picnic

Putting together a picnic with your children is as easy as stopping by the local bakery to pick up some gourmet sandwiches and heading to a park or other open area with abundant scenery.

Great picnics are a lot more than just lounging on a comfy blanket and eating good food. You can spend time playing games like I spy, 20 questions and finding shapes in the clouds. Picnics are always best when they are spontaneous.

Fly A Kite

Springtime breezes make it the perfect time to go outside and fly a kite with your children. Kite flying is a fun and relaxing activity for the whole family and a great way to get some fresh air and a little exercise as well.

There are many types and styles of kites, it is important to choose a kite that is age appropriate and suitable for learning.

Sidewalk Art

If your children love creating art on 8 x 10 sheets of paper on the kitchen table, imagine how much fun they will have using chalk on the sidewalk. Head outside on a warm and sunshiny day and watch your children come up with some amazing works of art. Sidewalk art is great because children are not limited to drawing something on a small sheet of paper.

Go On A Hike

There are a few tell-tale signs of spring in the Washington DC area including cherry blossoms the White House Easter Egg Roll and people shedding their coats and revealing short-sleeved shirts. Indeed, spring is a dandy time to take the kids on a hike.

Any season is a good time for a hike, but there is just something super special about hiking when the first call of the songbirds is ringing out and the buds can be seen on the trees.

A car-free environment of a nature trail offers the perfect opportunity to allow your children to explore.

Go To A Baseball Game

The beginning of the Major League Baseball season in one of the annual markers that warm weather is here. Take your kids to the ballpark for all of the pomp and circumstance and for the hot dogs and Cracker Jacks as well.

Wash The Car

Washing the family car with your kids is good, clean fun. Far too many kids get to enjoy this wet and wild chore. Spraying each other with the hose is a must.

The Britleys for Toddlers proudly focuses on the specific needs of each child and family in our program. Give us a call today.