your daycare in Washington DC offers a list of what to pack in your diaper bag

Your Daycare in Washington DC Offers a List of What to Pack in Your Diaper Bag

For most moms, packing everything Junior needs for his trip to and stay at The Britleys for Toddlers daycare in Washington DC isn’t that difficult as most of what he needs is already provided. But if you were to spend the entire day on a shopping spree or going on a road trip, you will need to ensure you have a well-packed diaper bag.

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A Decent Bag

Start things off by purchasing a diaper bag that is big enough to store quite a few items but not too big as to, say, take up a seat on the bus. There is a fine line between a big bag with plenty of room and a bag that can second for a shelter in case of an emergency. Don’t cross that line.


Like with anything you want to master, you need to practice in order to get it perfect. Don’t expect to throw together some random list, pack everything up and not discover there was something you forgot to bring. It’s going to happen unless you practice.

Work The Clock

Timing is everything and you need plenty of it when packing a diaper bag. That said, never wait until the last minute to throw the things you need into the diaper bag, that is just a recipe for failure. Instead, have the diaper bag packed and ready to go the night before. This way, you are ensured the time you need to do the job effectively.

Potty Seat

It is likely that your toddler is getting used to using the toilet. And while you encourage this, you might have a bit of a problem plopping your kid on a public toilet at a gas station. A potty seat is the perfect barrier between your child and the toilet and makes Junior feel a bit more at ease doing his duty.

Sun Hat

Even if you aren’t planning on spending a great deal of time outdoors, there will be times when your toddler will be exposed to the sun and you will want him protected.


Even if Junior is doing a bang-up job in his potty training, diapers should be brought along for backup. You just never know when your toddler might have an off day and diapers will be a blessing.

Extra Clothes

You might think that a toddler won’t need as many changes of clothes as a baby, but that is just not the case. Your toddler is going through a lot at the moment including potty training and self-feeding, all of which can create messy situations.

Feeding Utensils

Be sure you pack a few sets of clean feeding utensils. Pack them separately in a pouch for every meal so you are assured a clean set for each use.


In the unfortunate event of a full diaper blowout or other catastrophic mess that might happen while on the road, you may have to improvise a bath or shower in a public restroom. And while the prospect of drying your toddler under an electric hand blower seems reasonable, it is something only done in the movies. Be prepared for such an event by packing a towel.


Again, you want to be prepared for any type of messy situation. A washcloth is the best way to wipe down Junior should he need it.

Plastic Bags

Plastic bags come in very handy and you should pack several of them. You can use plastic bags to store everything from wet washcloths to dirty diapers.

First Aid Kit

You don’t need the whole medicine cabinet, just think about what might come in handy if you are out on the road. You will want to pack essentials like Benadryl, bandages, fever-reducing medications and antibacterial cream.


A blanket is great because it can serve many functions. It will keep your toddler warm in a drafty car, it can be used to soothe a child and it can be used to sop up spills should the need arise.

A Few Surprises

A new book or a new toy can help defuse a major meltdown and keep Junior entertained for a few hours.

We hope you find this list useful. If you are interested in a unique daycare, contact The Britleys for Toddlers.