tips for a balanced life by your Washington DC child care

Tips For A Balanced Life By Your Washington DC Child Care Center

The stress of juggling children that need to be raised and the demands of work take a toll on many parents. Over half of working Americans say that job demands interfere with their personal responsibilities and just under half say that family responsibilities interfere with their work performance. It seems as though there just aren’t enough hours in the day to meet the needs of everybody.

Managing a career with a family leaves many parents feeling frazzled and weighed down with guilt. Yet, others are able to effortlessly balance full-time work with parenthood. So we know that it isn’t impossible to have a full-time job and raise well-adjusted children at the same time. It just seems that way.

The Britleys for Toddlers, your Washington DC child care center, offer tips on how to better balance your career and family.

Lose The Guilt

Research has shown that infants and toddlers of working moms are still likely to grow up well adjusted even if they spend time with a babysitter or in a daycare facility. So there is no need to feel guilty for having to drop Junior off at daycare.

In fact, research shows that not only are kids who go to daycare well-adjusted, on average, they are more academically high-achieving and less likely to experience depression and anxiety than their peers who never went to daycare.

What’s most impressive is that these studies have been conducted since 1960.

Many parents will tell you their children develop close ties with their caregivers and that the caregivers help the kids develop skills in self-soothing and socialization with others.

Find Quality Daycare

This isn’t a plug for us necessarily, it is a legitimate tip. You want to find a daycare that is adaptable to children of all ages, has a low teacher to student ratio and a staff who is caring and experienced.

In doing so, you take a lot of stress off yourself knowing your children are in the best possible environment while you sit in on meetings and take on calls at work.

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Make Mornings Easy

The start of the day can leave you stressed and frazzled if you aren’t an organized person. And really, who is in the morning? You will be better set for the day and less stressed if you were to get organized for the day the evening before.

Do whatever you can the evening before to get set up for your day. You can pack lunches, have clothes ready to go, pack diaper bags and even have breakfast planned out. You might even want to find your keys the night before instead of wasting time trying to find them in the morning.

In doing this, not only do you relieve stress on your part, but it’s less stressful for the children as well.

Organize A Family Calendar

Have a calendar dedicated to all members of the family and their activities. This calendar will be filled with family events, school events, activities, birthdays and more. It could even be a Google calendar shared with the entire family.

Setting aside a few minutes on Sunday evening to review and prepare for the upcoming week’s events helps eliminate surprises during the week. This way, you know that you have to bake cookies for the school event on Thursday.

In fact, this calendar should be shared with babysitters, grandparents or anybody else who needs to be updated on family events. This is a great way to improve efficiency.

Talk To Your Employer

Do a little research to see if anybody at your place of work has made arrangements with management to be flexible in work hours to deal with family issues. It’s a lot more common than you might think.

You might discover an employee who comes in early and leaves early so they can pick up kids from elementary school. Perhaps a young mother takes an extended lunch to go home and feed the baby.

Take this information and have a talk with your supervisor or HR representative to see if you are able to utilize a flexible schedule to take the stress out of the day.

Stay Connected

Stay connected with your children even when you are apart. For older children with cell phones, this can mean a text or short video chat, you can even call them to say hello. For younger children, this could be a piece of paper with a drawing on it that you did as a reminder you are thinking of them.

Quality Time

There are things you shouldn’t be doing when you are spending quality time with your children, checking your email, making a phone call and updating your status and Facebook are just a few.

The time you spend with your children should be free from any distractions.

Follow these tips and you will have a better balance between work and children.

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