learning resilience at our preschool in Washington DC

Learning Resilience at Our Preschool in Washington DC

Give your toddler a challenge and you will discover that he or she is probably pretty resilient. Whatever challenge you give them, in all likelihood, they will keep trying to complete the task until they succeed. It is just the way children are wired at that age. But that isn’t to say that this resiliency isn’t a learned response. That is, children find themselves in certain situations that teach them to be resilient, to never give up. A child’s surroundings and experiences have a huge influence on their development.

This means that it is important where and from whom your child gets their guidance. So it is in your child’s best interest to choose a preschool in Washington DC where your child will build resilience and thrive, like at The Britleys for Toddlers. Here are ways in which our child care center build resilience in students.

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Promote Decision Making

When children are allowed to make decisions, they are taught to trust themselves. Children are allowed to make decisions in preschool; some decisions are guided, some aren’t. These can be as simple as letting a child choose which toy to play with or what to build with the blocks.

Provide Support

Children who are loved and supported by non-family members are better able to have a positive self-image and be confident. Our teachers are supportive and loving and work hard to establish positive attachments with their students.

We proudly focus on the specific needs of each and every child that comes into our program. We understand that learning and development are different for each child. We encourage confidence and cherish individuality in our students.

Safe Environment

Successful preschools set up space that enables children to safely explore the world around them. This helps build independence, confidence and self-esteem. We take a hands-on approach to learning and we encourage uninhibited exploration.

Develop Critical Thinking Skills

When a child develops critical thinking skills, they are offered the chance to exercise independent judgment. For example, you might read a book to a child and stop halfway through to ask how the story might end. This forces children to consider different ideas.

Given Meaningful Roles

Preschools are places where children are given the opportunity to take on consequential roles. Whether a child is asked to help a teacher or be the leader of a game, they are given wonderful chances to take on responsibilities that give them a positive view of themselves and build self-esteem.

The Britleys for Toddlers is much more than just a daycare, we are an educational facility built to help your toddler learn and grow. Our aim is to give the toddlers we care for a place in which they can become well-rounded human beings through exploration and being creative. Our goal is to teach the skills that are necessary to take your child to preschool, kindergarten and far beyond.

To learn more, visit our website or give us a call, we would be happy to discuss your questions and concerns.