benefits of daycare in Washington DC

Benefits Of Daycare In Washington DC

Many parents worry they will be seen in a negative light if they send their children to a Washington DC daycare. They also wonder if a daycare will be a bad experience for their children. For some parents, the decision to enroll their children in a child care facility leaves them a bit overwhelmed.

But there is no reason to worry or feel guilty, research has shown that child care is actually good for both the child and the parents. Some people feel that in an ideal world, parents wouldn’t have to send their children to daycare. Conventional wisdom is that children are better off with their parents at home.

However, these opinions are based on feelings rather than facts. There has been extensive research on the subject and the results aren’t what you might think. Not only is daycare not a bad thing, it actually has several benefits. The Britleys for Toddlers offer the benefits of toddler care.

Interaction With Other Adults

Younger children learn about adults mostly from their parents and other senior members of their family. But a daycare provides the perfect opportunity for children to see other adults as authority figures and mentors and help provide positive guidance.

Academic Advancement

Extensive studies found that young children had higher cognitive and academic achievement scores as teens as they spent time in a quality daycare facility as toddlers. Experts agree that children who go to daycare have higher intellectual abilities because they have opportunities for parallel play, observation and socialization.

Prepared For School

If you have a child that has been at home with you day in and day out for five years and then all of the sudden has to head off to kindergarten, there will likely be resistance and perhaps other problems.

However, if you send your child to a toddler care, they will become accustomed to spending part of their day away from home. In fact, many children who attend daycare are eager to go to kindergarten and make new friends and enjoy new adventures.

Socialization Skills

Stay-at-home children spend a lot of time interacting with parents, but might have a hard time with a group of peers. Children who attend a daycare learn quickly how to assert themselves with others, how to make friends and how to socialize.

To be sure, there could be a conflict with others, but children learn how to resolve these on their own. The longer a child stays in daycare, the better they become in socializing.

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Less Colds

This is interesting; one study found that children who were in daycare were less sick during elementary school than children who were cared for at home.

More Fun

Toddler care isn’t just a place where children go when their parents have to go to work, it’s a place that is fun and a place to learn. Children are introduced to any number of activities including music, yoga and etiquette lessons.

Toddlers are also engaged in language, math and science in a nurturing environment.

Regular Schedule

Even younger children at daycare have a schedule. They may not be aware of it, but children are provided with a full slate of activities at certain times of the day. Schedule activities are also satisfying for parents who might be concerned that their child will be unpredictable at the end of the day in an unstructured environment.

Happy Parents

According to studies, stay-at-home moms are more likely to be angry, sad and diagnosed with depression. And while some parents have the means to stay at home with their children all day, it is not for everyone. Many parents wish to return to work knowing their children are thriving in a safe and secure environment.

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