1. Washington DC Child Care Center Offers Spring Activities

    Your Washington DC Child Care Center Offers Spring Activities

    Spending quality time with your children is all about creating memories that you will cherish forever. Spring is the perfect season to indulge in a few activities that you and your children will enjoy. Flowers are beginning to bloom, the sun feels warmer, the birds are returning and it stays lighter longer too, so leave those thoughts of cold and snow behind. The Britleys for Toddlers, your Washin…Read More

  2. Your Daycare in Washington DC Offers a List of What to Pack in Your Diaper Bag

    For most moms, packing everything Junior needs for his trip to and stay at The Britleys for Toddlers daycare in Washington DC isn't that difficult as most of what he needs is already provided. But if you were to spend the entire day on a shopping spree or going on a road trip, you will need to ensure you have a well-packed diaper bag. A Decent Bag Start things off by purchasing a diaper bag that i…Read More

  3. Learning Resilience at Our Preschool in Washington DC

    Give your toddler a challenge and you will discover that he or she is probably pretty resilient. Whatever challenge you give them, in all likelihood, they will keep trying to complete the task until they succeed. It is just the way children are wired at that age. But that isn't to say that this resiliency isn't a learned response. That is, children find themselves in certain situations that teach …Read More

  4. Tips For a Balanced Life by Your Washington DC Child Care Center

    The stress of juggling children that need to be raised and the demands of work take a toll on many parents. Over half of working Americans say that job demands interfere with their personal responsibilities and just under half say that family responsibilities interfere with their work performance. It seems as though there just aren’t enough hours in the day to meet the needs of everybody. Managi…Read More

  5. Benefits of Daycare in Washington DC

    Many parents worry they will be seen in a negative light if they send their children to a Washington DC daycare. They also wonder if a daycare will be a bad experience for their children. For some parents, the decision to enroll their children in a child care facility leaves them a bit overwhelmed. But there is no reason to worry or feel guilty, research has shown that child care is actually good …Read More